Introduction to digital systems (3h)

This lesson provides the basic knowledge about digital systems, in particular CPUs and memories, to understand the different classical hardware attacks.

Processor architecture Instruction set formatting Memories architecture and management Memory virtualisation Cache behavior Out of order execution Pipeline behavior Branch prediction CMOS/Transmission gate electronic design Random number generation

Hardware attacks (3h)

This lesson presents the important concepts about hardware security and some complete attacks.

Symmetric and asymmetric cryptography (AES, RSA) Side channel attacks (SPA, CPA, DPA) Fault attacks Chip packaging Differential fault analysis ClkScrew Rowhammer

Gaming console hacks (3h)

This lesson analyze how famous gaming console were hacked over time. From the Playstation to the XBOX 360. The analysis of how these consoles were built and how they were hacked gives a lot of knowledge about embedded security.

Embedded systems architecture Bus spying Component desoldering Secure boot Memory spoofing Privilege escalation Timing attack

Micro-architectural attacks (2h)

This lesson provides the basic knowledge for understanding micro-architectural attacks. It also presents some complete attacks.

Processor micro-architecture Cache side channel attacks Meltdown Page Table Isolation Spectre Covert channels